Where Does Your Muse Live?

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 10

Paperback  | $13.97
Ebook becomes available in October 2019

Person of Renown: Jim Pons

This is the 10th anniversary of our Collections. To celebrate the unprecedented quality of entries, we expanded this year’s edition to include 75 winning authors! A tremendous contest resulted in 129 members submitting 162 entries. Our Person of Renown, Jim Pons, winner of the 2017 Royal Palm Literary Award Published Book of the Year for Hard Core Love, had the daunting task of choosing his top ten favorites from the 75 winning entries bound for this special edition. Jim was a bass player for the ‘60s rock groups The Leaves, The Turtles, and Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. He was a film director for the New York Jets football club and is a seeker of God. Thanks to our members’ participation, the Collection contest remains one of our signature annual events.

Jim Pons’ Top Ten Picks
  1. Chet Meisner, Katrina’s Portrait
  2. JC Akends, Eggs Over Easy
  3. Jean Axtell Nelson, Not Hardly
  4. Kim Hackett, If I Only Had a Muse
  5. Will Wendellson, Fog Station
  6. S. Lamar Barnett, A Muse of Unusual Habits
  7. Sarah E. Hendess, All Great Historians
  8. Sandra K. Hall, Swans on a Sunny Good Friday
  9. Christine Holmes, Demon Muses
  10. Christopher Malinger, A Story Teller’s Tale
Where Does Your Muse Live? Contributions Listed Alphabetically by Author

Patricia Petronella Balinski, My Twin Muse
Susan Bartlett, Muse(s)
Monika Becker, Looking for My Muse
Bob Becksted, Cleo
Diane M. Boilard, My Muse Through the Years
Pat Brooks, Soul Shifter
Linda B. Callan, The Backward Glance
William G. Collins, Ivory Muses
Barry A. Dimick, Vermont
Melody Dean Dimick, Skyward
Kimberlee Esselstrom, LePerm
Ann Favreau, Water is My Muse
Joni M. Fisher, Amusing My Muse
Elena Fowler, In the Spirit of Madison
Michael Goldcraft, My Two Muses
Fern Goodman, Inside Out
Bob Hart, Musette
Arielle Haughee, The Darkness in the Stream
Eileen M. Hector, Windows
Patrick L. Hempfing, Muse to the Rescue
Robert Z. Hicks, Muse in the Gift Box
Ellen Pritchard Holder, Muse of Words
John Hope, Jaxpiration
Nicole Horace, Hallucinations
P.M. Hughes, My Mother’s Voice
Paul Iasevoli, The Manatee Sings
Beda Kantarjian, The Muse Master’s Workshop
Ricky L. Keck, Somewhere Between Redenbacher and Macanudo
Susan Lee Kite, A Yankee in King Beauregard’s Court
Linda Kraus, Here’s to You, Miss Mather
Dona Lee, Determination
Joan Levy, The Painting
Janet Franks Little, The Demanding Baby

Teresa Little, Muse
Laura T. Madison, Pretty Bird
John Mallon, Who Needs a Muse?
Arleen Mariotti, Six Sentences in Search of a Muse
Annette Masters, My Village of Muses
Claire Hamner Matturro, The Muse that Lives in the Woods Behind the Hospice House
Patricia Mc Gehee, Mythical Musings
Phyllis McKinley, A Bold Guest
Mark McWaters, A Musing
Kimberly M. Morris, Yellow Bird
Mark H. Newhouse, Unanswered Questions
Joan North, Amazing Grace
Akira Odani, Muse Metamorphosed
Hal Palmer, Melanie
Donna Parrey, Shared Custody
David M. Pearce, The Summoning
Amarilys Gacio Rassler, My Muse Lives
Catherine E. Rebhun, Lucky Chance
C.L. Roman, My Muse Lives Here
J. Seck, Surfing to Sicily
Benjamin Seeley, The Acknowledgement
Faun Joyce Senatro, Musi
Bruce G. Smith, Café Muse
Lona A. Smith, He Lives in a Tree
Kristen Stieffel, Making Sausages
Julie Still-Rolin, The Invasion
Tom Swartz, Where Does My Muse Live?
Linda Thornton, Where Does My Muse Live?
Lisa Vogt, My Muse
Judy Weber, A Tale of Two Muses
Nadine Vaughan Williams, Silence and the Muse
Elise Zarli, Ole Arthur Done Got Aholt of Me

Where Does Your Muse Live? – Youth, Listed Alphabetically by Author within Age Group

Age Group 9 – 13

Jacqueline Cook, The Struggles of Being the Younger Sister
Mary Grace Galione, No Boundaries
Samantha Leslie, The Traveler

Age Group 14 – 17

Chris Bailie, My Potions
Marshall Bustamante, Devoid of Ideas
Carissa Clough, Roulette
Aliyah Paris Garcia, Night and Day
Yasmin Vuong, The Little Old Boy