florida writers association youth

Do you love writing?

Join the  Florida Writers Association Youth program (FWAY) for middle and high school writers, and improve your writing, meet new friends, enter contests, and get publishing opportunities.

We believe everyone should have a chance to live out their dreams. We foster creativity and mutual support through our network of writers, teachers, poets, editors, publishers, and agents.

Annual dues are only $15, but the benefits are huge!

  • Help establish a School Writing Club in your school by bringing an Honor School letter to your principal who may want to start an FWAY Writing Club. Improve your writing with other students and friends, and earn an Honor School Banner for your school!
  • Link to a great support network that includes authors, agents, publishers, and all the resources of the Florida Writers Association (FWA). 
  • Opportunities to be published in FWA's annual anthology, The Florida Writer magazine, and the FWA blog.
  • One free entry to the Royal Palm Literary Awards writing contest. Winners receive recognition and awards during the annual conference. All entrants receive score sheets with judges’ feedback, a major benefit.
  • Free subscriptions to The Florida Writer magazine and monthly FWA newsletter keep you informed about writing and publishing.
  • Attend the NextGen Writers Experience. Learn from and network with authors, agents, and publishers in exciting sessions designed for the next generation of writers.
  • Share your love of writing with new friends who appreciate your passion and work!

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FWA Youth Chairperson

Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell, Chairperson, was drawn into the world of writing by his childhood dreams and the stories in his head that he wishes to bring to life. He loves psychology, fantasy worlds, and stories about the wonders of life. He is a black belt in tae kwon do and has practiced the art for ten years. He also has a background in tumbling. Michael joined the Florida Writers Association in 2019 and serves on the Board of Directors as Vice President of Administration and Membership.