Create an Illusion

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 12

Paperback  | $12.00
Ebook becomes available in October 2021

Person of Renown: Mark H. Newhouse

A tremendous contest resulted in 108 members submitting 143 entries. Our Person of Renown, Mark H. Newhouse, winner of the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Award Published Book of the Year for The Devil’s Bookkeepers (Book 1 – The Noose), had the daunting task of choosing his top ten favorites from the 60 winning entries. A retired NY teacher, he is Florida Writers Association’s Youth Chairperson, and Florida Writers Association board member. Thanks to Mark and our members’ participation, the Collection contest remains one of our popular annual events.

Mark H. Newhouse’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Shutta Crum, Okefenoke
  2. Ricky Keck, It’s Time
  3. Jody Lebel, A Good Man
  4.  Mike Summers, Chosen
  5. Grace Epstein, A Shrouded Forest
  6. Frances Hight, Mable’s Fight
  7. Janet K. Palmer, The Graying
  8. Robert Hart, The Safe Tree
  9. Barbara Rein, Canceled
  10. Phyllis McKinley, Yellow Leaf in a Puddle
50 Winning Authors (alphabetically, by author)

Ruth Alessi, Masks of Clay
Monika Becker, Alternate Universes
Linda Callan, The Treasure Hunt
Linda Ray Center, Bookend Friends
M.P. Christy, Illusion Tubes
William Clapper, Love’s Illusions
Danielle Cook, Space Bar
Michael Cox, In the Hospital (Again)
Melody Dimick, Insanity
Betsy Donohue, Perspective
Arthur Doweyko, Billy and the Time Machine
Bob Ellis, The Bank Branch
Jessie Erwin, Moon Flying
Kimberlee Esselstrom, Harmy
Ann Favreau, The Mirrors
Linda Feist, A Serving of Winter Solstice
Chris Flocken, Elusive Illusions
J.W. Garrett, Away From It All
Fern Goodman, Jesus Ants
Lee Fanning Hall, Illusions
Suzy Hart, Break the Rules
Ellen Holder, Thalia’s Portal
Laura Holian, The Picnic
John Hope, The Visit
Sharon Keller Johnson, Derailed

Henry James Kaye, No Good Deed
Ian Kirkpatrick, Good Morning, George
Alice Klaxton, Memories
Linda Kraus, Inner Beauty and All That Jazz
Teresa Little, The Camping Trip
Christopher Malinger, Jealousy
Arleen Mariotti, Behind Closed Doors
Lawrence Martin, A Grand Illusion
Robert Marvin, The Last Coupon
Frank T. Masi, Gray Rider
Mark McWaters, The Other Side
Sharon Menear, Ghost Writer
John Charles Miller, Words from the Earth
Joan North, Illusion or Reality
Donna Parrey, When Mother Nature Caught the Virus
David M. Pearce, The Matryoshka Doll
Virginia Pegelow, Dancing with a Star
Elaine Person, Don’t Refuse Your Muse
Nancy Pflum, A Night to Remember
Don (“Doc”) Sanborn, Could This Be Real?
Lynn Schiffhorst, Soothing the Dark
Ruth Senftleber, The Reunion
Henry G. Silvia, The Chinese Room
Tom Swartz, Johnny B’s Freedom
Ed N. White, Water, Water Everywhere

We are also pleased to announce the winning authors for the seventh year of the youth collection.

Winning Youth Authors within Age Group
Age Group 9-13

1st Place: Lincoln Silverio, The World Beneath the Waves
2nd Place: Secelia Henning, Beautiful World
3rd Place: Daniel Creve-coeur, Unforgotten Dream
Honorable Mention: Arianna Perez, Without My Glasses
Honorable Mention: Ebelle Creve-Coeur, Shadow Man
Honorable Mention: Nicole Collett, Freaked!

Age Group 14-17

1st Place: Jacqueline Cook, Blue and Black
2nd Place: Kazimir Reyes, Definition of Mortality
3rd Place: Sarah-Catherine Jackson, Clouds
Honorable Mention: Rachel Galpin, The Flame Within
Honorable Mention: David Creve-coeur, Fright Night