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Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 13

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Person of Renown: Marina Brown

For this year's contest, 122 members submitted 168 entries. Our Person of Renown Marina Brown, winner of the 2020 FWA RPLA Published Book of the Year Award, had the daunting task of choosing her top ten favorites from the 60 winning authors bound for this edition. The collection contest remains one of our members' favorite benefits.

We are pleased to announce the winning authors and their entries.

Marina Brown’s Top Ten Picks

  1. Juli Simon, Dirt Road Women
  2. Henry James Kaye, Rosa’s Angel
  3. Jessie Erwin, Boots
  4. Fern Goodman, Whiplash
  5. David M. Pearce, A Path Without Footprints
  6. John Hope, Beyond the Closed Door
  7. Bart Huitema, Kara Michaels
  8. Sonja Jean Craig, Under-Standing
  9. Michele Verbitski Knudsen, Taking a Powder
  10. Frances Hight, Marching Orders

50 Winning Authors (alphabetically, by author)

Gerri Almand, Turning Stones
Lynn Bechdolt, Making Tracks
Monica Becker, Footprints in the Snow
William Clapper, I Heard Footprints
William G. Collins, A Hill of Courage
Shutta Crum, After You
William Delia, The Last Dance
Victor DiGenti, The Library Steps
Bob Ellis, Footprints at the Edge
Michael Farrell, The Every Beast
Hope N. Griffin, Queen Ann and the Dragon
Chris Hamilton, The Return of a Minor Goddess
Robert Hart, Sands of Time
Bonnie B. Herrick, Tiny Footprints
Ellen Holder, Footprints
Paul Iasevoli, A Perfect Size Six
Chrissy Jackson, Footprints Must Bring Change
Rome Johnson & Kaitlin Thern, Footprints in the Snow
Beda Kantarjian, Charm School
R.L. Keck, Footprints in the Dirt
Alice Klaxton, A Fading Image
Linda Kraus, The First Step
Joan Levy, A Good Man
Richard, Lipari, Over There
Anthony Malone, Yellow Footprints

Arleen Mariotti, Sole Tracker
Frank T. Masi, Angel Baby
Angie M. Mayo, Celeste
Phyllis McKinley, Prescription
Mark McWaters, Bigfoot Stomping Grounds
George August Meier, Stubborn Footprints
Sherry Mendoza, Side by Side
Leah Miller, Kissing Kismet
Mark H. Newhouse, Yellow Footprints
Elaine Person, Admitting D-feet
Jim Ramage, Footprints in the Sand
Amarilys Gacio Rassler, Our Living Testament
Cathy Rebhun, Letting Go
Carolee Russell, Turtles Come Home
Joan O. Scharf, Beyond the Field
K. L. Small, Farrier’s Footprints
D.J. Snyder, Footprints
E.M. St. Pierre, Leave No Trace
Mary J. Staller, A One-Legged Seagull
Mike Summers, Extant
Skye Taylor, Duffy’s Footprints
Nadine Vaughan, Footprints at Shambhala
Patt M. Walsh, The Pink Slippers
Sharon Weatherhead, His Footprints
Ed N. White, Prey Tell

We are also pleased to announce this year’s youth collection had a record 28 youth authors submit. That is the highest youth participation (43% of the membership) in its eight-year history.

2021 Winning Youth Authors within Age Group, Youth Collection Volume 8

Age Group 9 – 13

  • Gold: Cameron Smith, The Print
  • Silver: Vivian Fernandez, 13 Playlists for My 13th Birthday
  • Bronze: Ela Edmonds, Life is a Footprint
  • Honorable Mention: Jude D. DeStefano, Footprints in the Mud
  • Honorable Mention: Orian Memmott, Earth Print
  • Honorable Mention: Ebelle Creve-coeur, The Footprints You Left

Age Group 14 – 17

  • Gold: Samantha Leslie, Footsteps in the Sand
  • Silver: Carolyn Chen, For the Tide
  • Bronze: Kayla Brown, Blackmore High