FWA Collection 14Thrills and Chills

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 14

Person of Renown: Barbara Rein

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This year's Collection Contest resulted in 116 members submitting 153 entries. Our Person of Renown, Barbara Rein, winner of the 2021 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards Published Book of the Year, had the daunting task of choosing her top ten favorites from the 60 winning authors bound for this edition. We are also pleased to announce the 9th annual Youth Collection Contest had 21 authors submit. The Collection Contest remains one of our members' favorite benefits.

We are pleased to announce the winning authors and their entries. Congratulations!

Barbara Rein’s Top Ten Picks

  1. K.L. Small, “Memory Lane Park”
  2. Bob Ellis, “Slow News”
  3. J. L. Hagen, “Northwest of the Skillagalee”
  4. Jody Lebel, “Emily’s Date”
  5. Elaine Person, “Soul Search”
  6. William R. Platt, “The Swamp”
  7. Angie M. Mayo, “Pretty Suitcase”
  8. Frank T. Masi, “Postcards from Hell”
  9. Robert E. Marvin, “Two Hearts on a Chain”
  10. Donna Parrey, “The Stillness”

50 Winning Authors, alphabetically, by author

Gerri Almand, “Landscapes and Rattlesnakes”
Harry T. Barnes, “Strainer”
Monika Becker, “Anna’s Special Day”
Diane M. Boilard, “Elephant Encounter”
William Clapper, “Out of Character”
Michael Cox, “The Beating Heart”
Shutta Crum, “The Big Rip”
Marc Davidson, “It Came Back to Haunt Me”
Barry A. Dimick, “Jolted”
Melody Dimick, “Thrilled to Meet You”
Jessie Erwin, “Refuge for Three”
Michael Farrell, “Forever Boy”
M. R. Gallows, “The Great Hunger”
Fern Goodman, “Staple Me”
Lee Fanning Hall, “Stage Fright”
Suzy Hart, “Serendipitous Nightmare”
Ellen Holder, “Cheery Replies”
John Hope, “Dip and Run”
Bart Huitema, “The Ghost of Robertson High”
Beda Kantarjian, “Serial Caller”
Henry James Kaye, “Something BIG”
R. L. Keck, “Stand Up, Hook Up, Shuffle to the Door”
Alice Klaxton, “When Sailors Ruled the Seas”
Rae Knowles, “Mothers Always Knew”
Michele Verbitski Knudsen, “Silent Screams”

Joan Levy, “Stilettos”
Lucy Lipari, “Boots of War”
Richard Lipari, “First Fire”
Anthony Malone, “Dragons Blood”
Chris Marek, “I Ain’t ‘Fraid Of No Shark!”
Lawrence Martin, “Auto-Drive”
Phyllis McKinley, “Blue Feet”
Mark McWaters, “Body for Sale”
George August Meier, “She Screams into the Past”
Barbara Meyers, “Child’s Play”
Joanna Michaels, “Witches’ Brew”
Ronald C. Milburn, “Ghost, Camera, Action”
Suzanne Purvis, “The Stiletto”
Amarilys Gacio Rassler, “The Method”
Deb Rogers, “Rehoming Danny”
Carolee Russell, “The Cell”
Ken Schmidt, “Shaken, Not Stirred”
H. G. Silvia, “Seven Minutes in Hell”
Kim Smith, “Apocalypse”
David Spiegel, “The Iron Sled”
Mary J. Staller, “The Final Waltz”
Tom Swartz, “Sleep”
Skye Taylor, “Vengeance is Sweet”
Bonnie J. Thompson, “This Battle Will Not be Won”
Ed N. White, “A Publishing Contract, Oh My!”

Winning Youth Authors, by age group & alphabetically by author

Age 9-13

  • Gold: Alexis Ollick, “The Opportunity Rover”
  • Silver: Paisley Papa, “The Goliath”
  • Bronze: Stella Papa, “The Man in Black”

Honorable Mention:

  • Lyla Black, “Pernicious Watchdog”
  • Jace Burke, “Whispers”
  • Simon Knight, “Syringe”

Age 14-17

  • Gold: Athena Spiska, “The Magic Book”
  • Silver: Samantha Leslie, “Stolen Aura”
  • Bronze: Blake Heinlein, “The 2021 SEC Championship”