biographymastersHome of Award-Winning Writing, Editing, Cover Design, Formatting, and Publishing! Your “Soup-to-Nuts” source of cost-effective, professional services for any and every step of your writing journey.

Our services include:


  • For clients with a story to tell but no time to write, we are award-winning ghost writers with over 35 books in publication.


  • Transcribing recordings to Word documents
  • Copy editing
  • Content editing
  • Revision
  • Consultation


  • Front and back cover design
  • Book formatting
  • Publication on KDP Amazon or Ingram for worldwide digital sales
  • Ongoing KDP Amazon or Ingram administration

Post Publication

  • Manage publication accounts, order and deliver author copies, monitor reports, and administer royalty payments

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Contact: [email protected] or 904-514-9790
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